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Dynamics 365 Remote Assist pricing

Explore pricing for Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and related products

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist with HoloLens 2


54,80 €

Pro Benutzer/Monat

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist


54,80 €

Pro Benutzer/Monat

Related products

Dynamics 365 Field Service


80,10 €

Pro Benutzer/Monat

Optimize resource scheduling, enable field technicians, and deliver on customer expectations with core field service capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Guides


54,80 €

Pro Benutzer/Monat

Empower your employees with step-by-step holographic instructions that reduce errors, solidify skills, and close knowledge gaps—no coding required.

Included in Dynamics 365 products

Data security

99 percent or above uptime SLA

Works with Microsoft 365

Intelligent technologies

Phone and web support

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