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Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Bring together the art and science of selling. Engage buyers like never before with seller intuition and AI working in concert.

Turn every seller into an expert

In today’s buying environment, nothing stays the same. Customer expectations grow, buying practices and channels change, and competitor dynamics shift, forcing sales teams into a reactive mode. The key to staying ahead is AI. Put it to work on your data to sense changes in buyer needs and trends that can’t be easily detected by human capabilities alone. Supercharge your sellers’ skills and talents to transform customer engagement and elevate sales performance. Real-time, prescriptive insights enable sales teams to act, rather than react, to opportunities and risks. Think big with adaptive AI from Sales Insights, and start small with turnkey AI capabilities that have immediate impact.


Predict sales objectively

Increase accuracy by supplementing seller-generated forecasts with predictive forecasting. Reduce errors and bias with AI-driven forecasts that factor in signals from the current sales pipeline and historical performance. Intuitively track and analyse changes in the pipeline using snapshots and deal flow visualisation.

Focus on the right buyers

Increase conversion and win rates by using AI to prioritise leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood to convert and buy.


Make connections

Secure warm introductions from colleagues who already have active relationships with prospects based on Microsoft Exchange data.

Build trust

Move relationships forward with AI-guided selling, including personalised talking points and next best actions that are easy to customise for specific business processes.

Monitor relationships

Take pre-emptive steps to mitigate risks with a relationship health score based on unified data from Dynamics 365, Office 365, and LinkedIn.

Work from anywhere

Stay on top of sales activities with a mobile assistant that’s always working behind the scenes to streamline work and provide proactive suggestions. Go into meetings prepared with a comprehensive brief that includes key insights about the company and attendees. Wrap up meetings quickly with notes and business card capture.


Free up time

Minimise data entry with contextual, real-time suggestions for creating new records.

Communicate at the right moment

Automatically track how and when customers interact with emails. Build on positive momentum or follow up to keep deals moving.


More buyers means more deals. It also means working at a quicker pace. AI can help you move fast and stand out from the competition.

Get down to business

Sell efficiently to buyers in short sales cycles using sales accelerator (preview), everything an inside seller needs in one place. Identify the next best customer and hit all the right topics with comprehensive research that covers stakeholder profiles, previous interactions, and social insights. Stay productive through intelligent work lists. Deliver a steady cadence of personalised interactions using embedded sales sequence and multi-channel engagement tools.

Master every conversation

Automatically transcribe and analyse customer emotion, sentiment, conversation content, and speaking style. Discover what makes customers respond positively, and replicate successful call strategies across your whole team.

Coach more effectively

Gain visibility into conversations, flag at-risk deals, and provide actionable feedback through built-in coaching tools to increase agility.

Make strategic decisions

Easily pinpoint emerging customer needs. Stay ahead using insights derived from brand and competitor mentions. Get answers in real time using natural-language Q&A based on sales and conversation data.

Customers are taking sales to the next level

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton

Sales teams use Sales Insights to continuously analyse the data they already have to understand the health of client relationships, discover new opportunities, close faster, and win more deals.


Dynamics 365 Sales Insights*


Per user/month

Includes 3 hours/user/month of conversation intelligence

Prices shown here and on following pages do not include VAT.

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise + Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Per user/month

*Available as an add-on to Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Microsoft Relationship Sales. Must be deployed in the same geo as the Dynamics 365 instance.

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