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Explore Dynamics 365 Customer Service capabilities

Deliver connected support across channels with omnichannel capabilities

Engage customers in real time with chat

Use Chat for Dynamics 365—built on the Microsoft Teams communications platform—to engage with your customers in real time.

Enable SMS communication (in preview)

Engage customers on the go with SMS capabilities. Customers and agents use text messaging to engage in asynchronous communication.

Give your agents a comprehensive view of your customers’ journey

Manage multiple customer conversations simultaneously, maintaining full customer context and history across channels and over time to deliver an omnichannel experience.

Provide customers with omnichannel engagement choices

Enable customers to self-serve through community resources and knowledge articles or to request assisted support through cases, SMS, or chats serviced by bots or human agents with seamless transfer of customer context between them.

Understand customers with real time and historical sentiment

Enable agents and supervisors to understand real time and historical customer sentiment across channels to improve customer service.

Bring your own Microsoft Bot Framework bot (in preview)

Plug in your already trained and tuned bot built on the Microsoft Bot Framework to begin omnichannel customer conversations and transfer the full conversation context to a live agent when needed.

Deliver fast, personalised service and support

Guide agents to optimal outcomes

Guide agents to the right actions with AI-driven insights surfaced at the right time on a single interface.

Deliver value at every touchpoint

Treat every customer like a VIP with a 360-degree view of each customer’s experience so that agents can personalise interactions.

Resolve issues proactively

Avoid service and support issues with predictive care. Analyse data from connected devices and take action before warning signs become a problem.

Engage with customers on any channel or device

Make it easy to find answers through self-service, communities. Intelligently route cases from any channel to the right agent for quick resolution.

Learn from every interaction

Improve agent performance

Analyse contact centre operations and agent interactions to improve customer engagement. Promote optimal behaviour with individual games and team competition.

Speed onboarding and adoption

Quickly onboard new agents and keep them up to date on new features and identified best practices with tailored in-app learning.

Enable an agile support model

Optimise staffing levels and allocate resources based on popular channels, trending issues, and required skills to address fluctuations that occur daily and over time.

See things from the customer’s perspective

Survey, measure, and act on feedback after every service engagement by bringing your customer data together with survey insights from Microsoft Forms Pro—included with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Innovate with AI-driven insights

Ensure the best performance

Empower customer service managers to make data-driven decisions that improve customer satisfaction and workforce productivity with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights.

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