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Microsoft FastTrack Recognised Solution Architect – Power BI 2022

Microsoft FastTrack Recognised Solution Architect – Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI engineering team confers the designation FastTrack Recognised Solution Architect to practising enterprise solution architects who consistently exhibit deep architecture expertise and create high-quality solutions for customers. They typically work for systems integrator partners, who may nominate solution architects to recognise their expertise.

Why nominate

  • Recognised architects’ profiles, and the partners they work for, are listed on the Microsoft Power Platform websites1

  • Partners may indicate the number of recognised architects they have in their promotional materials and may direct prospective customers to the recognised architect profile page.

  • Recognised architects get an e-badge to share on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

  • Recognised architects get a special mention in the annual Microsoft Business Applications Summit keynote.

1Partners and architects may opt out of this listing.

Nomination and evaluation process

  • Partners nominate qualified solution architects using this form. The deadline is December 30.

  • A panel of solution architects from the Power BI engineering team assesses candidates based on the architecture-related artifacts and solution quality of the candidate’s projects.

  • Candidates are assessed on their:

    • Depth of technical capability and current product knowledge.
    • Adherence to recommended best practices.
    • Degree of complexity associated with the customer implementation.
    • Quality of architecture design and fit for the customer’s needs.

  • The evaluation process takes 8–12 weeks. Candidates are notified of the decision via email, along with next steps for accepted architects.

Eligibility requirements

Candidates must:

  • Have a minimum of two years’ experience with Power BI and a minimum of five years’ experience with enterprise BI solutions.

  • Have a minimum of two years’ experience as an enterprise BI architect.

  • Be working for a partner with Gold certification in a Data Analytics MPN competency.

  • Have been the lead architect for at least two Power BI in-production implementations with at least 200 active users, preferably CAT–managed customers.

Candidate Information

* required field


Power BI projects

List 2-4 customer projects.

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

Project 4

1Complexity refers to the number of data sources, total data size, number of reports and users, and advanced Power BI features such as data flows, AI, and row-level security.