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Get started with a Dynamics 365 free trial

Experience what Dynamics 365 has to offer. Try it free and learn how these intelligent business applications go beyond traditional CRM to streamline administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions—increasing your profitability and letting you focus on the customer relationships that matter.

Illustrative Image of Dynamics 365 free trial
Illustrative Image of Dynamics 365 free trial


Learn how to help your sales team stay focused, boost productivity, and build customer trust through a free CRM trial.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Accelerate sales by using customer, marketing, and sales data to identify ideal customer targets, recommend next best actions, and collaborate with peers.


Find out how to deliver exceptional service experiences that meet—and exceed—customer expectations.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Earn customers for life by providing personalised, connected service across channels for a seamless experience and faster, more accurate support.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Deliver exceptional, proactive service in the field that resolves customer issues the first time—building customer trust and reducing operational costs.


See how to personalise and elevate customer experiences to build more rewarding, lasting relationships.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Orchestrate personalised customer journeys across every touchpoint to win more customers and earn loyalty faster.

Customer data platform

Discover how to deliver an unmatched, more engaging customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your customers to increase acquisition and retention.

Customer feedback

Learn how a feedback management solution will help identify the right action in the right moment.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Know your customers better by collecting and analysing real-time feedback—proactively building more meaningful relationships and experiences.

Build lasting customer relationships with Dynamics 365

Never miss a growth opportunity

Help create better user experiences, automate business tasks, and centralise user information to make the most of your customer relationships and leads.

Connect and engage with customers better

Get an end-to-end view of your users, anticipate the buyer’s journey, and gain a competitive edge in the market using AI capabilities and data-driven insights.

Get flexible, scalable solutions for your needs

Choose a stand-alone Dynamics 365 CRM application to meet specific business needs, or use multiple apps that work together as a powerful integrated solution.