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Image of a lady doctor examining a patient profiles

Deliver exceptional healthcare with Dynamics 365

Create healthcare experiences across the entire patient journey. Securely connect people, data, and processes to build unified patient profiles, enable care coordination, and make data-driven decisions across your organisation.

Solutions tailored to your healthcare needs

Reimagine patient care by empowering teams to coordinate care efforts across healthcare organisations. With enriched data from Dynamics 365, experience improved clinical and operational insights that help predict risk and ultimately enhance patient health outcomes.


Give patients the tools to research, connect with providers, and schedule care.

  • Facilitate new patient acquisition with personalised, nurture-based marketing campaigns.
  • Reach larger patient populations by developing easier access through mobile apps, landing pages, kiosks, secure patient portals, and call centres. 
  • Reduce call volumes with intelligent chat bot assessments and digital portals for online scheduling.

Provider visit

Empower health care teams to collaborate and coordinate patient care.

  • Build a 360-degree view of every patient to enable faster decision-making across care teams. 
  • Improve patient care by giving care teams access to data integrated across clinical systems, apps, and electronic health records.
  • Provide patients with tailored preventative and care management programmes with 360-degree member views.

Care plan

Provide patients the tools and resources needed to understand and support their treatment.

  • Empower everyone on the team to digitize healthcare by automating manual and collaborative processes. 
  • Enhance care team collaboration to simplify complex workflows like staffing, equipment scheduling, patient discharge, and bed availability. 
  • Use AI-enabled scheduling to provide at-home medical care as an affordable alternative to facility or hospital visits.


Deliver insight-driven recommendations that enhance patient outcomes and drive lasting engagement.

  • Easily follow-up with patients through customised customer journey orchestration. 
  • Simplify billing and payments, both internally and externally. 
  • Provide order and fulfillment options for patient medications.

Deliver trusted member experiences and reduce cost of care with predictive, data-driven insights through Dynamics 365.

Member recruitment

Showcase your unique benefits to bring in new members.

  • Segment target customers with a 360-degree member view based on clinical data. 
  • Engage with prospective members to earn lasting brand loyalty. 
  • Sell insurance or upsell services based on needs of members.

Individual and broker sales

Provide support for both individual and group sales of services.

  • Streamline and automate the sales process for insurance brokers to sell to new leads and identify opportunities with existing customers.
  • Identify and package multiple product options for customers using unified data.
  • Support census grouping with pricing tiers. 
  • Understand where potential customers are in the buying journey and engage with them accordingly.

Care management enrolment

Provide members with the ability to enrol in member-specific care management programmes.

  • Target specific members based on customer information and qualifications.
  • Onboard customers to care management programmes using customer preferred channels.

Care and case management

Equip members with personalised care plans.

  • Use templates to provide members wellness content to support care plans.
  • Organise patient care activities and communicate information to the right internal and external care team members throughout the patient care journey. 
  • View sequential clinical events with Patient Timeline.
  • Optimise end-to-end business process flows for care management programmes with automation.

Member engagement

Build true brand loyalty with your members.

  • Cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with ongoing member communications. 
  • Utilise 360-degree member views to create personalised, proactive member outreach experiences. 
  • Orchestrate member journeys​ across multiple channels.

Give your pharma and life sciences organisation the tools to accelerate scientific innovation and create resilient supply chains with Dynamics 365. Use insights from your data to drive innovation, bring operational agility, enhance workforce experiences, and increase customer satisfaction.


Be at the forefront of innovation with accelerated collaboration and communication.

  • Enable research sharing across your organisation to foster connected innovation.
  • Collaborate remotely with experts using HoloLens 2 or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile.

Clinical trial

Engage your research participants and manage clinical trial supplies more effectively.

  • Manage trials with secure, low-code apps that enable anytime, anywhere access.
  • Select and recruit participants and providers with targeted and configurable engagement programmes. 
  • Securely engage with trial participants on any channel or through digital portals.

Supply planning and distribution

Predict customer demand and consistently deliver products on time with near real-time production planning.

  • Manage the warehouse and distribution product requirements from storage to tracking and tracing.
  • Use AI to automate and elevate fulfillment with rule-based orchestration.
  • Simplify procurement processes with contract management, critical supply redundancies, and supplier selection based on historical data.
  • Plan production and distribution in near-real time with in-memory services.

Clinical manufacturing

Meet changing customer demands, maximise resource utilisation, and manage assets with an agile, connected factory.

  • Automate personnel and equipment scheduling with a unified view of capacity. 
  • Support discrete, process, mixed-mode, and lean manufacturing with diverse strategies.
  • Minimise downtime using predictive models and remote expert troubleshooting for specialised machinery. 
  • Standardise manufacturing processes with step-by-step holographic instructions to support efficient, safe work environments.

Sales, marketing, and service

Gain actionable customer insights that create better experiences and increase sales.

  • Track customer needs and relationship health with real-time insights.
  • Increase sales productivity and effectiveness by automating manual tasks to free up time employee time. 
  • Engage with customers where they are with omni-channel customer service.

Hear what healthcare customers have to say

Dayton Children’s Image

“[The] ease of use of Dynamics 365 enable[s] rapid progress with data enrichment, and this ensures that we provide the best possible patient experience.”

J.D. Whitlock,
Chief Information Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital

MVP Health Care Image

“With Dynamics 365, we can build a single view into the heartbeat of every member, while we deliver more interoperability to providers, partners, members, and employees.”

Michael Della Villa,
Chief Information Officer, MVP Health Care

Abacus Medicine Image

“Thanks to immediate information flow across departments and countries, management has real-time insights and can make data-driven decisions.”

Peter Domonkos,
IT Development Manager, Abacus Medicine

Imperial College Health Care Image

“What it means is that you have all the information, all the specialist care you need at the patient’s bedside there and then – and it’s all in one headset.”

Dr. James Kinross,
Consultant surgeon and senior lecturer, Imperial College

Seguro Nacional de Salud Image

“We observed the need to adopt technologies … to offer diverse services, integration, connectivity, and real needs. This is why we chose Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

Carmen Cesarina Rosell,
Information Technology Manager, SeNaSa

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Dynamics 365 Field Service

Connect resources and automate workflows to create more time in the day for your healthcare teammates.

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Dynamics 365 Guides

Standardise processes, optimise efficiency, and ensure compliance while keeping staff safe with easy-to-author guides and step-by-step holographic instructions.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver personalised, safe, and secure shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.

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Personalise customer journeys by continuously collecting and acting on real patient feedback.

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Create a resilient medical supply chain that efficiently serves your teams’ array of needs.

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Dynamics 365 Finance

Reduce the overall cost of care through streamlined processes and decreased administrative expenses.

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Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Help protect patient accounts and insurance fraud with device fingerprinting and advanced AI capabilities.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Work together to meet challenges effectively with Microsoft Power Platform—analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

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