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Deliver exceptional retail experiences

Image of Dashboard for Retail showing the shopping basket items of a customer

Drive unified commerce

Create seamless shopping experiences

Enable omni-channel buying

Increase brand loyalty

Create a modern store experience

Deliver exceptional customer service

Tailor product selection and recommendations

Optimise store operations

Image showing purchase order history of a customer

Image of Dashboard for Retail showing how to effectively management of stock

Effectively manage merchandising

Streamline sourcing and replenishment

Manage product demand

Amplify sales and promotions

Optimise operations through insights

Maximise business impact

Speed up end-of-day activities

Increase stock visibility

Meet changing business needs

Image of Dashboard for Retail showing various charts indicating insights derived from data.

Image showing the Dynamics 365 Appsource library for more apps to enhance the Retail Capabilities

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

Adapt quickly

Extensible platform

Invest with confidence

Drive innovation

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