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Explore Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection capabilities

Purchase protection

Purchase protection

Decrease wrongful rejections and boost acceptance rates with adaptive AI technology that continuously learns and adapts from patterns and equips store managers with tools to optimise fraud controls.

Increase fraud awareness and help reduce losses with a fraud protection network that uses connected knowledge to provide broad awareness of fraud activity across the globe, while keeping the security of your confidential information and shoppers' privacy top of mind.

Boost transaction acceptance rates and improve the shopping experience by sharing transactional trust knowledge with issuing banks to increase authorisation rates.

Improve customer service with a built-in escalation support tool that displays detailed context of the customer transaction including fraud insights provided by the service.

Account protection

Account protection

Safeguard your system with bot protection that helps protect against bots attempting to gain access to accounts with stolen credentials or to create fake accounts and transactions.

Help avoid losses due to fraudulent accounts with account creation protection that helps minimise abuse and automated attacks on customer accounts.

Reduce fraud with account sign-in protection that helps safeguard customer accounts​, improving customer engagement and conversion by reducing friction​.

Help protect customers with device fingerprinting to leverage the fraud network linkages and detect automated fraud attacks.

Loss prevention

Loss prevention

Help protect profits and reduce losses using adaptive AI technology that learns patterns and adapts to help optimise fraud controls.

Gain visibility into fraud risk with business intelligence reporting that enables store managers and investigators to take action by providing them with insights on anomalies with merchandise discounts and returns.

Increase operational efficiency by reducing manual effort required to determine the business entities and functions that may be at risk.

React quickly to dynamic fraud and purchase patterns using an enhanced loss prevention system with analysis that provides actionable insights to help reduce fraudulent returns and discounts.