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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice pricing

For customers without select Dynamics 365 applications


₹ 15,706

2,000 survey responses per tenant/month6

If you have other Dynamics 365 products not listed in the next card, or don’t have a Dynamics 365 subscription, you may purchase Dynamics 365 Customer Voice separately.

For customers with select Dynamics 365 applications



2,000 survey responses per tenant/month*

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included with the following Dynamics 365 products:

  • Sales Enterprise
  • Customer Service Enterprise
  • Field Service
  • Human Resources
  • Project Service Automation

Prices shown are for informational purposes only and may not be reflective of actual list price due to currency, country, and regional variant factors. Your actual price will be reflected at checkout.

*Additional responses may be purchased separately

Additional survey responses pricing

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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice works with other Dynamics 365 products, including Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, and Human Resources.

Included in Dynamics 365 products

Data security

99 percent or above uptime SLA

Works with Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn

Intelligent technologies

Phone and web support

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