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Adapt and thrive with a digital supply chain

Predict and overcome disruptions fast to meet customer demand and stay profitable.

Stay agile and resilient

Maximise asset performance

Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce downtime.

Transform manufacturing operations

Innovate with mixed reality and other advanced technologies.

Meet growing digital commerce needs

Automate order fulfilment with AI and real-time stock.

Reduce risk

Predict and overcome supply chain disruptions with enhanced visibility and actionable insights.

Adapt to evolving business needs

Manage the entire asset lifecycle

Perform predictive maintenance with AI-powered scheduling, sensor data intelligence, and mixed reality. Optimise spare parts stock and automate work orders.

Create a smart, connected factory

Build agile and sustainable manufacturing processes at the edge and easily adapt to new business models. Proactively manage the shop floor with predictive technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), and mixed reality.

Automate and optimise fulfilment

Use AI and real-time stock to fulfil orders on time, boost profitability, support the latest fulfilment methods, and elevate the customer experience.

Enhance supply chain visibility

Create a digital supply chain twin, unify disparate data sources, improve multi-tier supplier collaboration, and eliminate stockouts.

Customers creating agile supply chains

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Building future-proof operations

GN Group gained AI-powered, predictive insights through Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Finance to adapt to ongoing growth.

Image of a man doing snow skiing.

Improving asset management and uptime

Alterra Mountain Company gained visibility over asset management, enabling predictive maintenance and increased asset uptime.

Image of a woman wearing chemtreat helmet

Transforming manufacturing and service

ChemTreat gained data visibility and insights, enabling a proactive approach to customer service while improving stock and manufacturing processes.

Recreated vehicle image by lippert component

Driving agility in manufacturing

Recreational vehicle product supplier Lippert Components simplified its manufacturing operations—including more than a million SKUs—with Dynamics 365.

Jewel image by Australia-based jeweler Michael Hill

Elevating customer experiences

Australia-based jeweller Michael Hill optimised supply chain, warehouse operations, and shipping with Dynamics 365, boosting sales and customer retention.

Explore Microsoft supply chain products

Build resilience with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and other products.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Create a smart and adaptable supply chain. Generate actionable insights to drive efficiency and increase productivity.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Meet growing digital commerce needs and gain a competitive edge in order fulfilment. Automate order flows with AI and real-time stock.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights Preview

Improve organisational resilience by making better supply chain decisions, proactively mitigating risks using AI-driven prescriptive insights.

Dynamics 365 Guides

Enhance learning with step-by-step holographic instructions that show supply chain employees how to use tools and parts in real-world situations.

Power Apps

Empower everyone across your supply chain to build low-code, professional-grade apps.

Power BI

Get real-time data to make fast, informed decisions across your supply chain.

Power Automate

Create automated workflows so your team can focus on more important work.

Explore tailored industry solutions

Build resilience with innovative technologies designed for your unique industry.

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Build agile factories, enhance supply chain visibility, and reduce risk.

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Optimise stock and fulfilment to meet customer demand on time.

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Streamline medical supply procurement and maximise equipment uptime.

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Start optimising your supply chain

man in grey coat reviewing dynamic pricing solutions as he stands in front of a laptop in a warehouse setting