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Help your sellers meet their customers’ needs faster with mixed reality. Using Dynamics 365 Product Visualise, now in preview for iOS, sales representatives can place a 3D digital twin of a product in their customer’s environment, let them explore it as if it’s physically there, and make detailed notes about their requirements.

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Build buyer confidence in your products

Seeing is believing. Give your customers a more accurate representation of your products with 3D models. They can evaluate them in context at real-world scale, which helps them and the seller hold a more meaningful conversation about their requirements.

Accelerate your sales cycle

Help your customers understand and evaluate your products faster by enabling sellers to show them in 3D. Avoid costly, time-consuming change orders by noting configuration requirements directly on the product.

Capture and share key sales details

The information that your sellers capture in Dynamics 365 Product Visualize contains valuable insights about your customers. Through an integration with Dynamics 365 Sales, sellers can tie that information to the sales opportunity for future reference.