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Sales leaders

When results matter, rely on Dynamics 365 Sales. Learn how digital transformation is changing the art of customer engagement.

Customers are transforming with Dynamics 365 Sales

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“With Microsoft Relationship Sales, we can generate KPIs that tell us what a healthy pipeline should look like. We look at the number of prospects and targets, how long the sales cycle takes, and the time from when we close an account to the time it generates revenue. And, if the pipeline isn’t where it should be, we can support the sellers with the resources that they need—it’s more productive all around.”

John Jergens, Vice President of Global Sales

Revenue growth

Mobilise your sales resources more effectively with accurate and predictable revenue projections. Increase revenue by accelerating deals and spotting new opportunities. Use pipeline, deal, and relationship intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

Seller empowerment

Use the relationship assistant to build stronger, more profitable relationships with contextual recommendations based on embedded intelligence. See content suggestions to deliver a personalised experience and get notified when a buyer engages with your email. Enable inside sales teams to have more successful sales conversations.

Sales productivity

Increase sales effectiveness and efficiency by providing familiar, easy-to-adopt tools that fit the way sellers work. Automate sales processes so sellers spend more time with customers and less time on administration. Provide sellers with mobile apps that work anytime and anywhere, even while offline, to maximise productivity.

Customer satisfaction and retention

Keep a pulse on your customers with relationship trends and metrics, such as relationship health, that are calculated based on interaction data across Dynamics 365, Office 365, and LinkedIn.

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