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Dynamics 365 Finance Insights

Plan more accurately and efficiently using customer payment predictions, budget proposals, and cash flow forecasting with Finance Insights—coming soon.

Run global financial operations more effectively

Improve your cash flow with built-in AI tools that enable proactive collections through payment predictions, easier budget creation using intelligent budget proposals, and more accurate cash flow management using intelligent cash flow forecasting.

Increase accuracy of projected cash flow

Monitor cash flow in real time, predict future trends, and make data-driven decisions with an intelligent and customisable cash flow forecasting solution.

Adapt quickly with intelligent budget proposals

Reduce the time and effort of budgeting by letting the system perform the tasks for you. Quickly consolidate and analyse years of historical data to forecast your budget.

Reliably predict customer payments

Use AI to predict when customers will pay their invoices. Proactively reduce write-offs and improve margin with immediate visibility into the probability of late or at-risk payments.