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Take your sales to the next level with AI-driven insights

Enable your sellers to build relationships and increase revenue with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales—provide actionable insights to drive personalised engagement and proactive decision-making.

Make AI real for your sales organisation

Get additional insights into the hands of your field sellers and inside sales reps with Dynamics 365 AI for Sales. Improve engagement and decision-making with prebuilt and embedded insights that are quick to deploy and easy to act upon. Reveal the best prospects and customers for sellers to focus on as well as the most relevant and impactful actions to move relationships forward. Empower your managers to improve sales performance and deliver proactive coaching.

Enable smarter selling with insights readily available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Focus on the right leads

Increase conversions and win rates by helping sellers find and prioritise leads with the highest likelihood to buy based on a broader set of signals.

Connect with prospects

Show sellers the colleagues who are already interacting with a prospect and can provide an effective introduction based on Office 365 activities.

Keep track of relationships

Help sellers focus on high priority customers with signals from Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Office 365 that reveal relationship health and risks.

Personalise engagement

Empower sellers to deliver personalised and relevant interactions based on embedded insights that recommend talking points and next actions to take with the customer.

Automate sales execution

Increase seller productivity with contextual prompts that suggest new records to create, such as contacts and activities, based on intelligence gleaned from notes entered by sellers.

AI-driven sales performance and coaching coming soon

Enable sales managers to lead proactively throughout the entire sales cycle with interactive reports that include key performance indicators (KPIs) for pipeline and deals. Help sales managers provide timely feedback and coaching based on seller engagement and productivity metrics, such as time spent with customers, calculated from Dynamics 365 and Office 365 data. Improve inside sales team performance with call intelligence that surfaces customer sentiment, keywords, and conversational KPIs such as talk-to-listen ratio and speaking speed.

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