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Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Help protect your revenue and customers

Adaptive AI that continuously learns to protect you against payment fraud, bots, account takeover, and returns and discounts fraud

Help safeguard your customer accounts

Help protect your reputation by defending against bot attacks, fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access.

Boost revenue acceptance, cut payment fraud

Improve transaction acceptance rates with insights that help balance revenue opportunity against fraud loss and checkout friction.

Help protect revenue from discount and return fraud

Identify anomalies and potential fraud on returns and discounts to quickly act to reduce revenue impact.

Explore the Worldline and Microsoft partnership

A trusted partnership to help prevent fraud and empower your business

Customer stories

Person looking at phone with credit card in hand

Increasing capacity to capture true fraud

Capital One uses Fraud Protection to provide a direct communication channel for contextual transaction data, called transaction trust knowledge.

Fashion mannequins in a store

Identifying loss problems faster

After deploying Fraud Protection to a subset of its European stores, BESTSELLER identified potential fraud situations more quickly and accurately.

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Achieving low fraud and high customer success

Microsoft used its e-commerce experience and technology expertise to build its own AI-powered fraud protection system.

Latest news

PCI compliance image

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection adds PCI compliance.

Future digital awards image

Fraud Protection is a Platinum Winner for AI in Cybersecurity Innovation.

Forrester image

Read the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting that describes how Dynamics 365 offers better security and fraud protection.

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Dynamic Customised E-Commerce Fraud Detection System for Profit Optimality.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Decrease false positives

Share information about the risk exposure of a transaction with partner banks and issuers to help them make a more informed assessment during their purchase risk evaluation.

Adaptive AI learns from fraud patterns

Flexible decision engine uses the AI score to help you automate real-time actions, customise your protection strategy, and enforce unique business policies.

A global view of customer and fraud activity

Built-in device fingerprinting and a connected knowledge graph help you stop more fraud 24/7 while keeping your customers’ privacy intact.

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