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A new vision for work

Empower employees and optimise operations with mixed reality applications from Dynamics 365.

Remote Assist example

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Help employees work together even when they’re worlds apart.Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is the mixed reality tool for instant collaboration.

Layout example

Dynamics 365 Layout

Make informed decisions before you build.Dynamics 365 Layout is the mixed reality tool for collaborative design and review.

Guides example

Dynamics 365 Guides

Improve training effectiveness and understand how employees are performing with Dynamics 365 Guides—the mixed reality tool for learning.

Product Visualize app example

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

Find the right solution and close your sales faster by showcasing and customising products in mixed reality with Dynamics 365 Product Visualize.

Get Dynamics 365 Remote Assist with HoloLens 2

Take advantage of special pricing when you buy Dynamics 365 Remote Assist together with HoloLens 2.

mobile app example

New mixed reality capabilities have arrived

Equip your workforce with mixed reality applications on the mobile devices they already use. Learn more about the mobile capabilities currently in preview for Dynamics 365 Product Visualise and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

A Microsoft-sponsored survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows 87 percent of respondents are currently exploring, piloting, or deploying mixed reality.