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Explore Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management capabilities

Create a connected and resilient supply chain to ensure business continuity while reducing costs

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  • Accelerate time to market
  • Lower your product innovation costs
  • Stay compliant with standards and regulations
  • Resolve issues and manage product quality

Accelerate time to market

Gain a competitive advantage by centrally managing product information across global sites and subsidiaries.

Lower your product innovation costs

Reduce product innovation costs by reusing configured products to meet changing customer needs.

Stay compliant with standards and regulations

Ensure compliance and on-time delivery by quickly responding to changing customer specifications and seamlessly managing product revisions.

Resolve issues and manage product quality

Overcome disruptions due to product quality by resolving them with engineering change management to ensure production lines are running continuously.

  • Reduce overstocking and stock-outs
  • Optimise supply and distribution planning
  • Improve demand planning
  • Optimise resource scheduling

Reduce overstocking and stock-outs

Improve stock turns by rightsizing product levels based on changing customer demand and capacity constraints.

Optimise supply and distribution planning

Plan supply and distribution throughout the day in near real time with in-memory services, ensuring that the right stock is in the right place at the right time.

Improve demand planning

Use AI-enriched demand forecasting and streamlined sales and operations planning to ensure on-time delivery to customers without overstocking stock.

Optimise resource scheduling

Automate and streamline production scheduling and resource allocation while minimising overtime and improving equipment utilisation.

  • Enhance stock visibility
  • Improve cost management
  • Simplify procurement processes
  • Automate warehouse operations
  • Keep your warehouse running continuously
  • Help ensure on-time shipments

Enhance stock visibility

Deliver cross-channel stock visibility in real time to streamline production and fulfilment, improve accuracy, and optimise stock, reducing overstocking and stock-outs.

Improve cost management

Maintain multiple cost-accounting ledgers globally to streamline cost-management policies, and perform cost and profit analysis in real time.

Simplify procurement processes

Collaborate with vendors, manage contracts, build redundancy for critical supplies, and negotiate the best price for direct and indirect supplies based on performance, spend, lead times, and quality.

Automate warehouse operations

Optimise the capacity, layout, and flow of goods by enhancing the visibility of stock and warehouse operations with warehouse-process heatmaps and workflows.

Keep your warehouse running continuously

Keep critical warehouse processes running at high throughput and ensure business continuity in remote locations when disconnected from the cloud.

Help ensure on-time shipments

Optimise transportation of orders with unified insights from multiple systems using real-time freight monitoring, transportation planning, and route management.

  • Create a connected factory
  • Build agile manufacturing processes
  • Unlock innovation
  • Keep production running continuously
  • Transform your workforce

Create a connected factory

Proactively manage the shop floor using a real-time view of your production and stock to improve throughput, quality, and uptime.

Build agile manufacturing processes

Support discrete, process, and lean manufacturing with make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order strategies.

Unlock innovation

Implement sustainable and adaptable manufacturing processes that use AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mixed reality to accelerate time to market for new products.

Keep production running continuously

Keep critical manufacturing processes running at high throughput on the cloud or at the edge in a distributed model, and ensure business continuity in remote locations when disconnected from the cloud.

Transform your workforce

Improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce errors by using the interactive holographic experience in Dynamics 365 Guides.

  • Reduce costly machine downtime
  • Effectively manage geographically dispersed assets
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Reduce costly machine downtime

Proactively manage business-critical equipment by performing all types of maintenance—predictive, corrective, condition-based, and preventative.

Effectively manage geographically dispersed assets

Automate and optimise resource scheduling to minimise travel time and maximise the time to perform maintenance of geographically dispersed assets by integrating with Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

"Improve throughput, quality, and uptime of mission-critical assets by leveraging enhanced resource scheduling, IoT, and mixed reality.

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"From decision makers to factory floor managers, everyone is working in Dynamics 365, staying connected and accessing valuable data."

Stefan Naude, General Manager, Slovakia Bel

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"It’s the best tool in the marketplace to support the flow of products through to our distribution system, into our stores, out through our online channel, and out to our international customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 puts us in a really fantastic place to support our growth for the future."

Ewan Venters, Chief Executive Officer, Fortnum & Mason

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