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Microsoft Business Applications Academic Community

The Academic Community helps institutions of higher education worldwide use Microsoft business applications in their curriculum, providing students with intelligent business applications that help organizations empower employees, encourage customers, and optimize operations.

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Integrate Microsoft business applications into your curriculum to increase the overall value of your course offerings and demonstrate thought leadership. Prepare your students with the skills they need to be competitive in the rapidly changing world of business and technology.

A Business Applications Academic Community membership will give your institution:

  • Access to product licenses, service, and support.
  • Access to resources, online training, and curriculum inspiration.
  • Connections to Microsoft partners and customers.


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Prepare for the modern workplace with strong technology skills and real-world experience. Thousands of organizations worldwide manage business processes such as marketing, sales, service, manufacturing, operations, and people management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. In addition, a global network of Microsoft partners sell, implement, and support Dynamics 365. Accelerate your career and gain experience with intelligent business applications.

Connect with Microsoft partners looking to hire students with business applications skills in the Academic Career Portal.


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Hire interns and new graduates with experience using the intelligent business applications that are transforming the way people work and connect. Connect with educators in your area that prepare students for success using Microsoft business applications by requesting the list of Business Applications Academic Community educational institutions.

Connect with students who have business applications skills in the Academic Career Portal.

The Business Applications Academic Community delivers success

In the business world, the one constant is that change is inevitable. Yet, by providing future graduates with a hands-on learning experience utilizing technology at the cutting edge of business, they can enter the workplace as qualified business and IT professionals.

Richard Wilkinson

Former IT consultant and current lecturer

University of Worcester