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Empower retailers with real-time observational data to improve in-store performance. From customer movement to the status of products and store devices, Dynamics 365 Connected Store will provide a better understanding of your retail space.

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Make the benefits of AI a reality for your business

Connected Store enables your store managers and employees to provide optimal shopping experiences through triggered alerts based on real-time data from video cameras and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

Optimize the shopping experience in real time

Ensure that customers’ needs are met effectively and quickly by equipping store managers and employees with actionable alerts triggered by store activity, such as long checkout lines.

Increase in-store profitability

Optimize staffing and merchandising decisions using AI-driven insights around the shoppers visiting a store on any given day and time.

Protect your inventory

Spend less on maintenance and spoiled goods replacement by monitoring and detecting equipment failures using IoT, such as temperature sensors for refrigeration units to ensure product quality.

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