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AI for Customer Service

Build loyalty and reduce service costs with AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Get actionable insights into critical performance metrics and emerging trends, and use virtual agents to quickly resolve support issues.

Make the benefits of AI a reality for your business

Take informed action and improve the service experience using out-of-the-box insights. Empower customer service teams to easily create and deploy virtual agents in minutes.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service InsightsPreview

Anticipate and deliver what customers need

Enable your customer service team to discover and adapt to current and emerging trends, identify areas for growth, personalize engagement, and identify potential problem areas so issues are fixed before they impact your customers.

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline your customer service with case resolution insights, backlog trends, and historical comparisons to evaluate agent performance and business impact. Use AI-driven insights to find the topics that are generating the highest volume with dashboards that update in real time, and balance agent workload so that the right calls reach the right agents at the right time.

Gain comprehensive visibility

View customer engagement patterns, human and virtual agent performance, and call center operations on multiple dimensions with interactive charts and filters. Dashboards use AI, business intelligence, and machine learning to visualize the greatest impacts on the system so you can determine appropriate staffing levels and adjust as needed.

Improve customer satisfaction

Build loyalty by resolving emerging issues before they impact customers. Explore customer satisfaction (CSAT) by support channel and gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors with the most impact on CSAT scores. Use AI-driven insights and recommendations to get the most value from customer survey feedback and implement data-based improvements.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer ServicePreview

Create customer service virtual agents quickly and easily

Help customer service representatives create, test, and launch bots using a guided code-free graphical interface and easy-to-use templates. Modify conversation paths and triggers as needed and apply strategies from successful customer service representative interactions to ensure the most effective outcomes.

Offer personalized customer experiences

Equip bots with each customer’s detailed history so they can tailor their interactions to the purchase records and previous customer support interactions. Quickly guide customers to the right solution with bots that can take action to solve problems on their own.

Monitor and improve bot performance

Keep an eye on metrics with built-in dashboards, identify new and high-volume support topics, and get in-depth AI-driven insights to improve bot performance.

Streamline workflows and integration

Create efficient workflows and integrate with hundreds of services and systems out-of-the-box or through easy-to-add custom connectors using Microsoft Flow.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights