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Gain actionable market insights

Get insights into your brands, customers, and competitors using artificial intelligence (AI). Stay on top of market trends as they unfold in social conversations and web searches and respond to customers faster with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights Preview.

Make AI real - empower your organization with market insights

Make better decisions using market data. Improve customer relationships with actionable web and social insights. Win fans by engaging in relevant conversations, and drive business growth by responding faster to trends.

Know your customers

Find and respond to customer conversations that matter most by drilling down by topic, sentiment, language, and geography. Act on web search insights based on age and gender demographics. Turn social conversations into new leads or support cases to strengthen customer relationships.

Screen shot of phone with data

Sceen shot of tablet with data

Build your brand

Monitor brand sentiment and industry trends with sentiment analysis and web search data. Get instant insights from pre-configured queries that analyze up to last 30 days of social media content and 15 months of web search trends. Enhance the reputation of your products and services by engaging with influencers and sharing content.

Gain competitive advantage

Quickly identify market and consumer trends so you can tailor your business strategy to meet the latest customer needs and get ahead of your competition. Keep track of what’s happening in your industry with email alerts and relevant news highlights.

Sceen shot of tablet with data

Sceen shot of tablet with data

Support your unique business needs

Use out-of-the-box AI to identify trends or customer purchase intent, or easily create your own intelligent tags to customize the AI to your requirements. Connect social media market insights to other Dynamics 365 data for the most up-to-date view of customers and prospects.

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