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Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities

Discover and qualify leads, build business relationships, and grow your opportunities.

Marketing dashboard


  • Personalize buyer experiences
  • Run meetings and webinars
  • Attract the right prospects
  • Create campaign assets quickly
  • Run business unit–level marketing

Personalize buyer experiences

Use prospect buying behavior and preferences to provide the right message at the right time in the right channel. Deliver messages triggered by purchases, returns, and payments.

Run meetings and webinars

Works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to simplify event management, and includes attendee-facing web portal and registration, session, speaker, and venue-logistics management capabilities, as well as access to ON24.

Attract the right prospects

Use email, web, events, telemarketing, SMS integration, and our LinkedIn connector to run targeted, multichannel marketing campaigns.

Create campaign assets quickly

Built-in marketing automation features include configurable templates, reusable content blocks, and design tools. Use Microsoft Power Automate to streamline content approvals.

Run business unit–level marketing

Reuse shared campaign content and fine-tune custom audience targeting across business units.

  • Create a single view of prospects
  • Identify, target, and close top accounts
  • Grow and influence your customer pipeline
  • Track and prioritize leads
  • Simplify collaboration

Create a single view of prospects

Create seamless campaigns when you unify data with Dynamics 365 Sales across contacts, leads, and opportunities.

Identify, target, and close top accounts

Use information and insights to create personalized, account-based content and nurture activities.

Grow and influence your customer pipeline

Maintain strong customer communication with relevant content and personalized buyer journeys.

Track and prioritize leads

Focus on highly qualified leads across all touchpoints with multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades. Hand off sales-ready leads to reduce costs and increase wins.

Simplify collaboration

Connect your organization using familiar Microsoft 365 tools, shared calendars, and cross-team visibility into campaigns and leads.

  • Test and choose the right content
  • Use simple words and natural language
  • Prioritize leads
  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Better understand customer needs

Test and choose the right content

Compare message effectiveness using built-in A/B testing with fully rendered dynamic content. Improve open rates using automated scheduler and spam score.

Use simple words and natural language

Quickly and easily define or view audiences for the segments you want to target.

Prioritize leads

Works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to continuously update information about target segments and lead scores based on information from multiple data sources.

Improve marketing effectiveness

Keep campaigns on target using prebuilt dashboards and marketing analyzers or build your own custom dashboards.

Better understand customer needs

Use customer response information from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to improve customer journey design and impact.

  • Adapt marketing to your needs
  • Easily integrate data
  • Enhance marketing campaigns
  • Market globally
  • Add custom channels

Adapt marketing to your needs

Empower your organization with no-code visual editors that simplify build-and-deploy processes for web and mobile apps.

Easily integrate data

Bring in data from Dynamics 365 as well as third-party apps and systems. Automate processes using built-in workflows or create your own with Microsoft Power Automate.

Enhance marketing campaigns

Use customer journey and segment APIs to connect directly with Marketing and external systems to inform target segments.

Market globally

Request, capture, and store consent—a core tenet of the General Data Protection Regulation—with built-in features that help comply with privacy regulations.

Add custom channels

Extend the reach of your campaigns by adding channels through the use of APIs and third-party add-ons.

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"We created a trickle-based campaign that combines email, text, web, and geotargeting to deliver the information."

Chad Niemuth
Vice President, Global IT – Marketing and Sales, Campari Group

"With Dynamics 365 Marketing, we can run and test campaigns at scale while delivering more precise and personalized communications."

Astrid van Vonderen
Director of Fundraising and Private Individuals, UNICEF Netherlands

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