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Drive real business results with social media

Put social listening and engagement at the fingertips of your sales, customer service and marketing teams. Gather insights, meet customers on the channel of their choice, and build a trusted social presence with Microsoft Social Engagement.

Engage with customers through social media

Connect with customers

Meet customers on the channel of their choice, whether that’s social media or traditional communication methods.

Empower your organization

Give all employees social engagement and listening tools to garner social insights and understand the voice of the customer.

Create results

Go beyond likes and shares to achieve real, measurable business impact.

Build your brand

Measure brand reputation

Track sentiment on incoming social posts with automatic sentiment tagging, tailored to your organization through machine learning.

Receive alerts and notifications

Automatically detect when social post volume or sentiment changes, allowing you to stay ahead of a potential public relations crisis.

Analyze conversations

Learn what customers are saying about your brand, campaigns, industry, and competitors across multiple social channels with social listening.

Grow and manage your community

Engage your social media communities by identifying, tracking, and connecting with influencers and industry experts.

Build your brand screenshot

Understand and address customer needs screenshot

Understand and address customer needs

Support customers through social

Respond directly to inquiries from social media or escalate to traditional customer service channels to resolve cases without losing context.

Deliver intelligent care

Resolve issues quickly with machine learning, sentiment and intent detection, and automatic routing.

Identify service issues

Analyze social data trends over time to proactively address customer concerns.

Track team performance

Understand how quickly customers receive responses on social, and analyze key team and individual performance metrics.

Sell more effectively

Build credibility

Receive personalized, intelligence-driven recommendations for content to share on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to build a credible presence.


Identify purchase intent

Automatically detect purchase intent in social media posts, then route posts as leads to act on buying signals when it matters most.

Engage with your network

Combine the power of Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect with buyers and engage at scale.

Sell more effectively screenshot

Empower employees with social intelligence screenshot

Empower employees with social intelligence

Filter out the noise

Drill down on social data by topic, sentiment, language, geography, and more to find the conversations that matter most.

Improve customer insight

Connect social media to other Dynamics 365 data for the most up-to-date view of customers and prospects.

Work smarter

Identify purchase intent or complaints easily with built-in tags that improve with your input, or create customized, intelligent tags.

Connect to customers with Microsoft Social Engagement

Bremont uses intelligent social solutions to improve customer service.

Hamburg Port Authority is building community through social engagement.

RIGI Bahn gets closer to guests with social insights.

Unlock the social capabilities of Dynamics 365

Microsoft Social Engagement is included with the following Dynamics 365 applications, the Customer Engagement Plan, and the Dynamics 365 Plan.
Applications Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Applications Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Applications Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Applications Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Applications Project Service Automation

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

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