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Dynamics 365 Guides

On-the-job guidance

Enhance remote collaboration and empower employees with step-by-step holographic instructions to use where the work happens.

Help employees learn complex tasks and reduce errors

Help reduce errors, standardize skills, close knowledge gaps, and improve both training and ongoing processes with on-the-job guidance.

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Improve productivity with advanced guidance

Accelerate learning, standardize processes, and reduce errors to increase yield with step-by-step instructions to help keep them safe on the job.

Solve problems impact image

Solve problems in real time with expertise and ease

Seamlessly collaborate, share knowledge, and solve problems with a remote expert using Microsoft Teams to easily bring critical data into the workflow.

Adapt quickly impact image

Adapt at the speed of change

Author guides for training or day-to-day processes and quickly cascade information across your organization, with no programming or 3D skills necessary.

Maximize effiency impact image

Maximize operational efficiency using data

Incorporate Guides into your existing workflows to view and save data. Use data-driven insights to maximize your operational efficiency over time.

Customers using Dynamics 365 Guides

Kruger Image

Capturing expertise to transform operations

Kruger taps into the expertise of its workforce using Guides to train employees and maintain complex equipment.

Eaton powering business worldwide Image

Driving savings and efficiencies

Eaton uses mixed reality to troubleshoot with experts, complete preventative maintenance, and train specialists in simulated environments

Toyota Image

Improving training efficiency and consistency

Toyota Motor North America uses Guides to deliver training materials to every team member, ensuring consistency and quality of information.

A woman wearing Microsoft Hololens to optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing with Dynamics 365 Guides

Optimizing pharmaceutical manufacturing

Multinational pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk drives growth and simplifies shop floor operations with Dynamics 365 Guides.

Suntory Image

Maintaining quality and meeting demand

Suntory Whisky uses Guides to meet increasing product demand, train employees, and achieve accuracy on complex procedures.

Create immersive learning experiences

Built-in authoring

Easily create content with ready-to-use holograms from the 3D toolkit to demonstrate task steps in the physical space.

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Powerful and adaptive workflows

Use spatial triggers and voice commands to navigate to different steps across process flows, depending on real-world actions

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Democratize data across your operations

Works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management or Dynamics 365 Field Service for an enterprise-grade Guides experience.

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