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Dynamics 365 Guides capabilities

Optimize operations, reduce errors, and increase employee safety with visual instructions right where the work happens.


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"With Guides, every single device in the healthcare system would eventually be accompanied with a the cloud. This is how we used Guides here at Sheba."

Professor Amitai Ziv
MSR Founder/Director
Sheba Medical Center

"Since Guides is built on a common platform within Microsoft, we see the ability to leverage electronic work instructions, data from head-cam systems, and integration into our parts manual."

Rob Branson
Senior Director, Global Technologies

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"If you have a task to do, put on the HoloLens, and do the task with Guides. No questions asked, everything always goes well--It always works as you need it to. All the new information for the task is available and provided to everyone. As simple as that."


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