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Unify the selling experience around relationships

Microsoft Relationship Sales brings together LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to empower your sellers to drive more personalized and meaningful engagement with buyers.

Build sales relationships with the right people

Focus on the right customers

With over 590 million professionals on LinkedIn, sellers can easily find and connect with decision-makers and influencers.

Find every member of the buying committee

Increase win rates by going deeper into your customer’s organization and building multiple sales relationships. Visualize the inter-relationships among contacts.

Reveal the best path to reach each buyer

Help sellers connect to buyers by showing the people in their network and in your organization who can provide a warm introduction.

Offer insights and recommendations

Recommend next best action to build sales relationships

Get embedded insights that reveal the next best action to move sales relationships forward based on customer interaction data from LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, and Office 365.

Keep track of buyers and their needs

Show sellers what buyers are interested in through the content they share on LinkedIn and the discussions they participate in. Alert sellers in real-time when buyers change jobs, connect with someone in their network, or get mentioned in the news.

Engage buyers with personalized content

Make it easy for sellers to personalize, package, share, and track presentations with Office 365 and PointDrive. Inform sellers when PointDrive presentations have been forwarded to other people, so they can proactively identify new stakeholders.

Engage at scale

Synchronize relevant relationship data across systems

Give sellers contextual information essential to building strong relationships with automatic data synchronization across LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Office 365.

Streamline your sales process

Increase user adoption and minimize training with context-sensitive help and an intelligent, event-driven sales process that guides sellers to optimal outcomes.

Collaborate using familiar tools

Enable sellers to work together with colleagues and customers in real-time using Office 365 productivity and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.

Reinvent productivity

Reinvent productivity and help your sales team achieve success

Nucleus Research expects customers using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales to see a 15 percent increase in sales productivity.

Two leading sales solutions at one low price

Microsoft Relationship Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise + LinkedIn Sales Navigator



Per user/month

Requires a 10 seat minimum

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