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Yhdistä kaikki toiminnot ja taloustiedot, jotta voit tehdä nopeita päätöksiä. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations auttaa yrityksiä mukautumaan markkinoiden nopeasti muuttuviin tilanteisiin ja nopeuttamaan liiketoiminnan kasvua.

Improve financial performance

Deliver fast, accurate reporting and make data-driven decisions to improve forecasting, profitability, and compliance.

Optimize operations

Bring agility and efficiency to manufacturing, keep pace with demand, and uphold quality control with machine learning and AI-driven insights.

Streamline supply chain

Accelerate delivery time, reduce costs, and simplify warehouse and transportation processes with complete visibility across your supply chain.

Innovate and adapt

Meet your specific business needs and be ready for growth with a solution that’s easy to customize, integrates with your existing systems, and offers cloud or hybrid deployment options.

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Unified Operations -paketti

Sisältää seuraavat sovellukset: Finance and Operations, Retail ja Talent


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