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Dynamics 365:n Ota yhteyttä myyntiin -pienoissovellus

Microsoft Relationship Sales

Tuo inhimillisyyttä digitaalisiin kokemuksiin

Uudista suhdemyynti Dynamics 365 Salesin ja LinkedIn Sales Navigatorin avulla.


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"We have tools that deliver insights on each individual buyer, so we can build lasting, trusted relationships that better serve their needs."

Nichole Jordan National Managing Partner, Markets, Clients and Industry, Grant Thornton

"Our teams are telling us it’s true—89 percent of our salespeople report finding contacts that they didn’t previously know about."

Vincent Brissot Vice President of WW Digital Automation and Channel Operations, HP

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"Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator in combination with Dynamics 365 is incredible for helping us confidently contact the right executives."

Alok Shrivastava General Manager, Head of Sales & Marketing, L&T-NxT

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