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Uma mulher a utilizar um computador portátil provavelmente a globalizar algumas finanças

O impacto da globalização nas finanças

A expansão global já esteve reservada para as marcas multinacionais que tinham os recursos necessários para superar as complexidades de apoiar mercados locais distintos. No entanto, a Internet e o surgimento do e-commerce tornaram a globalização uma estratégia crítica para todas as empresas — independentemente do tamanho ou da indústria.

À medida que as operações empresariais continuam a expandir-se, juntamente com comunicações quase instantâneas, a globalização mudou a forma como os executivos financeiros e as suas equipas abordam a expansão internacional.

O que é globalização?

A globalização é a crescente integração das economias em todo o mundo, incluindo a movimentação de produtos, serviços, tecnologia e informações além das fronteiras.

While global expansion has many strategic advantages, such as a broader reach, new suppliers, and more revenue streams, it also introduces significant complexities in managing and complying with local laws and global regulations. You’ll be competing online in foreign markets or opening new offices overseas with intricacies, including different:

  • Idiomas
  • Moedas
  • Formatos de data
  • Fusos horários
  • Regulamentos
  • Laws
  • Impostos
  • Requisitos bancários

Para ter sucesso, precisará das estratégias de adaptação certas para aproveitar as oportunidades proporcionadas por operações globais eficazes.

Globalization initiatives often start within your finance department, as accounting teams will create new companies, entities, or chart of accounts to support the expansion. This requires your financial management system to support multiple dimensions, currencies, intercompany transactions, and consolidations. It also requires a strategy for supporting global governance and standardization to ensure your financial reporting is optimized.

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As vantagens da globalização

Globalization makes international expansion more feasible for your company by offering many benefits that outweigh any complexity you might face, such as:

  • Alcance do mercado expandido. As the world marketplace continues to expand, goods and services can be distributed around the world more quickly.
  • Vantagem competitiva. By working to meet the demands of efficient production and competitiveness in the marketplace where you’re based, your company gains a greater perceived value and generates more sales.
  • Supere a escassez de talentos. Instead of competing for a small pool of local talent, tap into a global marketplace to reach and recruit from a greater selection of employees that can be more qualified and diverse.
  • Diversificação e parcerias. Developing new strategies for products and services, implementing diversification, and expanding for new partnerships supports your organization’s global expansion by introducing new markets and increasing your current value or extending your success.
  • Redução de custos. As goods are produced all over the world, specializing in the production of specific goods lowers the average costs of your products. Shifting your production to more cost-efficient countries helps give your business a competitive edge.

How technology supports global expansion

Technology shapes how businesses expand into foreign markets, especially within developing and emerging ones. Technology can help finance teams with global expansion by:

  • Easily supporting globalization in finance. A plataforma tecnológica certa simplificará o suporte de vários idiomas, moedas, transações entre empresas e consolidações financeiras.
  • Ensuring adherence to local compliance regulations. Monitorize as leis e regulamentos locais e globais para se manter em conformidade com o clique de um botão.
  • Reducing complexity and risk. Competing online in foreign markets or operating in new countries can introduce new risks and complexities to your business. By following financial patterns of international markets and reducing the cost of capital, new technology, such as an out-of-the-box solution providing localization and translation, can help simplify those processes and provide solutions backed by data.
  • Scaling faster. Stay ahead of supply chain disruptions, trade deals, and new government policies with low-code extensible tools that support adaptation to changing localization requirements.
  • Providing governance and standardization. By ensuring transparency and increasing openness between government agencies and their people, you can keep your business ahead of the game and constantly enhance how your customers are assisted.

The technology transforming globalization

Companies are finding that new technologies are not only helping accelerate their digital transformation—they’re also playing a huge part in globalization as well. New technologies dramatically affecting globalization in finance include:

1. Automatização robótica de processos (RPA)

RPA makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software that mimics human interactions. This software technology can perform defined actions quicker and more consistently, making workflows more streamlined and responsive resulting in more profits, customer engagement, and productivity.

2. AI

AI and machine learning, as well as cognitive agents and smart machines, have the potential to completely reshape both foreign and domestic cross-border transactions while streamlining efficiencies. Businesses have the ability to validate análise financeira in a fraction of the time, cutting overall exposure to trading risks.

3. Tecnologias blockchain

Ao oferecer carimbos de data/hora codificados para uma série de tipos de pagamentos, fornecer um registro digital de pagamentos e transferências em tempo quase real será crucial na próxima fase da globalização para o setor financeiro. É também a aplicação mais proeminente para a moeda bitcoin, outro serviço financeiro em ascensão.

4. Internet das Coisas (IoT) para pagamentos sem contato

As our society becomes more digitally interconnected, IoT will simplify money transfers by providing the ease and convenience of process automation and the ability to transform basic technology into “smart” decision-making devices. Contactless payments based on IoT will enable faster payment processing and increased transparency on global payments. Plus, local and international governments will be able to easily track transactions in multiple currencies and markets.

The growth of technology in globalization helps accelerate future financial growth by enabling faster and more cost-efficient transactions.

O futuro da globalização nas finanças

Although the pandemic impacted globalization and shifted the market landscape, data shows positive results in trade, capital flows, and digital transactions. In fact, those that embraced globalization strategies and digitalization, including driving diversification across domestic and foreign production, showed strong resilience amidst uncertainty.

However, the future of globalization will require business leaders to continue addressing supply chain shortages, along with geopolitical tensions, dynamic global economy shifts, and cross-border investment flows. Adding global-ready software de gestão financeira to optimize operations will set you up for success by decreasing risks, simplifying complex globalization in finance challenges, and maximizing your performance across markets.

Preparar o seu negócio para a globalização com o Dynamics 365 Finance

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By managing your global operations within a platform that supports local regulation compliance, multiple currencies, new languages, electronic invoicing, and tax requirements, you’re able to monitor worldwide operations in real time to make thoughtful, data-driven decisions.

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