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Мини-приложение "Связь с отделом продаж Dynamics 365"

Возможности Dynamics 365 Sales

Запустите цифровые продажи и ускорьте их благодаря взаимосвязи между пользователями и процессами


"Revenues for the Microsoft Digital Sales team have risen from single-digit improvement year over year for the past three years and lowered the cost of sales by 10 percent."

"We use Dynamics 365 to build higher-value relationships, create consistently positive customer experiences, and deliver the financial advice our customers need to realize their dreams."

Mike Hewitt
Transformation Director, Openwork

"Across our 400 reps and 70 district and regional leaders, we’re saving 6,000 hours a week.… [We’re] better partners with our customers, providing them with real-time information about their patients."

Erika Gaudio
Senior Vice President of Sales, VITAS Healthcare

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