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When agility matters, rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Kunderna omvandlas med Dynamics 365 Sales


“This enables us to be one step ahead, acting instead of reacting, no matter where we are.”

Christian Doose, Executive Vice President, Sales

Planering och rapportering

Streamline sales planning with quota and territory management and forecasting tools. Make data-driven decisions using flexible, prebuilt dashboards that offer interactive drill-through capabilities and natural-language Q&A.

Optimera försäljningsprocessen

Use the prebuilt AI to quickly deliver insights to your sales teams, or customize it to fit into your specific process. Optimize your sales efforts with automation and proactive guidance.

Introducera och utbilda säljare

Ease onboarding and align sales behavior by providing interactive help and documentation. Minimize training for inside sellers using built-in coaching tools that capture contextual feedback from managers.

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