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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Make better decisions and proactively improve customer satisfaction with AI-driven insights.

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Make the benefits of AI real for your business

Take informed action to improve your customer service experience using out-of-the-box insights. Measure performance over time across all channels, identify areas for growth, and improve productivity with innovative AI capabilities and features.

Improve customer satisfaction

Build loyalty by resolving emerging issues before they impact more customers. Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction score (CSAT) drivers and use AI insights to implement data-driven improvements.

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline operations with case resolution insights, backlog trends, and historical comparisons to evaluate agent performance and business impact. Monitor case volume and incoming support topics to optimise agent productivity.

Gain comprehensive visibility

Visualise customer engagement patterns, agent performance, and customer service operations using dashboards with built-in AI, business intelligence, and machine learning capabilities. Discover and share critical insights with interactive charts and filters.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Included with Customer Service Enterprise licence3


Per user/month

Up to 100,000 cases per licence 1, 2

Prices shown here and on following pages do not include VAT.

1 The 100,000 is based on the total number of case records imported into Customer Service Insights workspaces.

2 Additional capacity can be purchased, please review the licensing guide for more details.

3 Any plan that includes Customer Service Enterprise also includes Customer Service Insights.

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