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Explore Dynamics 365 Finance capabilities

Enhance your financial decision making with AI

Reliably predict customer payments. Proactively reduce write-offs and improve your margin by understanding if and when customers will pay their invoices.

Accurately project your cash flow. Monitor cash flow in real time, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions using an intelligent and customizable cash flow–forecasting solution.

Adapt quickly with intelligent budget proposals. Reduce the time and effort spent on budgeting by letting the system perform the tasks for you. Quickly consolidate and analyze years of historical data to create your budget forecast.

Unify and automate your financial processes

Get more done with role-based workspaces, Office 365 integration, and predictive insights that let you automate and prioritize fiscal tasks.

Customize documents such as invoices and statements to easily adapt to changing business requirements with Office 365 templates.

Thrive in a subscription-based economy with automated recurring billing to easily adapt to new revenue recognition standards, reduce audit costs, and accurately calculate and report your financial statements.

Reduce operational expenses

Run your business more efficiently across business geographies with financial process automation, encumbrance, budget control, and financial planning and analysis.

Decrease global financial complexity and risk

Easily adjust to changing global financial requirements using a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions. Manage frequently changing regulatory requirements with no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment, and reporting formats.

Meet local and global business requirements, improve governance, reduce risks, and ensure compliance across 37 countries and 42 languages out-of-the-box. Further extend Finance with prebuilt partner solutions to meet your local needs.

Explore prebuilt solutions on AppSource

Extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance with prebuilt solutions from Microsoft and our partners.

AXIO | Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

By Velosio

Dynamics 365 for Operations

AXIO ProServ accelerates implementation and reduces TCO by 50% or more

Payroll Management, Dynamics365 for Operation

By Gems Consulting Company Ltd

Dynamics 365 for Operations

For efficiency, flexibility and affordability use Gems Payroll Solution

Projects and Contracts


Dynamics 365 for Operations

AlfaPeople S.A.S.-Purchasing Plan for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Recharge Manager

By SIS Global

Dynamics 365 for Operations

RECHARGE MANAGER, improving intercompany Re-Charging for Dynamics 365

AMC Banking 365 Operations

By AMC Banking

Dynamics 365 for Operations

AMC Banking 365 Operations simplifies complex banking and cash management concerns on a

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