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Customer service software and brand loyalty

Customer service software streamlines workflows, speeds up responses, and gives instant access to support—helping you exceed customer expectations, maintain brand perception, and keep customers coming back.

Instead of the resource burden associated with operating support staff around the clock, customer service systems can provide an immediate response, no matter where your customers are located throughout the globe. Timely, effective service helps a customer maintain confidence in your product or service, supporting brand loyalty.

Build trust and keep customers coming back

A reliable, accessible, responsive customer service software system helps you gain customer trust and confidence. Customisable to the needs of your business, customer service software brings you the following features and benefits:

Resolve issues quickly with features that let you…

Route cases

Restore customer confidence by efficiently directing customers to the best solution the first time, every time.

Streamline customer requests

Keep your process organised by creating an efficient ticket management system, connecting the request with a single view of the customer’s products, purchases, and previous support needs.

Take action before problems arise with features that let you…

Monitor connected devices

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning work together to alert you if a problem occurs—before customers recognise an issue, allowing you to proactively reach out for repairs or product replacement.

Automate virtual help

Use automated workflows to triage customer enquiries, helping balance the load on your support team, and directing issues to the right team members.

Boost productivity with features that let you…

Create personalised dashboards

Help your team stay organised by creating customised digital workspaces and dashboards—letting agents streamline workflows to fit their personal workstyle.

Optimise staff

Customer service management software includes built-in intelligence to help monitor resources and reallocate workload as needed based upon call volumes throughout the day.

Reduce costs with features that let you…

Lean on AI

Free up agents to focus on the high-value interactions and let virtual agents handle simple queries.

Offer self-service support

Build out an online knowledge base or self-service portal to give customers instant access to the most common questions.

Increase customer loyalty with features that let you…

Interact across channels

Whether via live chat, phone calls, email, SMS, or social media, set up a customer service system to provide convenient access for customers on their channel of choice.

Personalise service

A complete view of the customer journey helps you prepare for customer needs and provide personalised interactions.

What to look for in customer service software

As you evaluate customer service management software, look for a system with the following capabilities:

AI-powered support

Systems with leading AI technology can provide context-sensitive help and event-driven responses. Built-in intelligence and agent-facing chatbots help your team make the best recommendations to meet the needs of your customers.

Easy-to-use interface

Stay efficient and responsive with intuitive interfaces and customisable dashboards, making it easy for your team to find the information they need—and provide the answers your customers are looking for.

Flexible system

Create a customised solution built on an adaptable platform, letting you scale, extend, or integrate the solution with other tools or applications.

App integration

Keep your team efficient by connecting your customer service software with marketing, sales, and field service.

Accessible to customers

Whether on mobile, social, email, or web, look for a customer service system that lets you connect with customers across any channel, any time.

Start using customer service software

Build brand loyalty by offering personalised customer service with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Used right out of the box or extended and customised to fit your business—get the customer service software features you need for a solution that helps you deliver effortless customer service experiences.