C R M 工具简介

CRM 工具简介

Keep track of connections with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, gathering data to help you deliver personalized experiences, communicate with clients, and streamline sales.


CRM tools support marketing, sales, and customer service functions and processes for your business. The purpose of your CRM tool is to organize, record, and enable action with customer data and help track and advance customers along every stage of the buying journey. Although they can operate as modular applications, they work best when they’re unified on a single CRM platform.

在此 CRM 工具列表中,您将了解到 CRM 工具各自的功能,当在共享平台上结合使用这些工具时可以做到什么,以及每个工具的基本功能和高级功能的摘要。

CRM 市场营销工具

CRM tools for marketing are designed to help you find and nurture higher-quality leads. These CRM tools can automate time-consuming marketing processes—such as events, email nurture campaigns, and paid media advertisements—and provide greater visibility into the customer’s journey from prospect to lead.

CRM marketing tools work best in tandem with CRM sales tools on a unified CRM platform, which enables the tools to share common data that updates automatically. This keeps everyone in the organization on the same page and makes sure each member of the sales and marketing team is operating with accurate data. The result is better collaboration, higher lead conversion rates, and more effective customer engagement.

基本 CRM 工具功能


高级 CRM 工具功能

Multi-channel campaigns, social insights, and personalized campaigns tailored to the interests and history of each customer, insights into campaign performance, and event planning.

Benefits: Targeted marketing campaigns with a tailored approach, improved marketing ROI, and increased engagement from customers.

CRM 销售工具

销售团队、现场销售人员、内部销售和销售经理使用 CRM 销售工具来支持销售周期。这些工具可编译报告和分析,允许您对客户数据(如人口统计、互动和购买历史记录)进行处理。高级 CRM 销售工具还提供行动建议和见解,以帮助您找到、接洽适当的客户并建立关系。

Sales and marketing teams with CRM tools on a unified platform can adjust customer outreach strategies in real time based on accurate data that shows what is driving sales. Visibility into the customer journey from start to finish also makes big-picture strategizing easier and more effective with key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the same data.

基本 CRM 工具功能


高级 CRM 工具功能

实时见解、人工智能 (AI) 和机器学习 (ML) 功能,用于通过绩效见解跟踪趋势,指导销售人员,以及助力销售经理。


CRM 客户服务工具

CRM customer service tools help you interact with customers across multiple channels. In addition to facilitating these interactions, these CRM tools record and add them to the customer’s history to create a comprehensive view of the customer. This makes it possible to ensure a high-quality customer service experience while guiding customers to a resolution more quickly.

当与销售和市场营销 CRM 工具结合使用时,CRM 客户服务工具可提供真正的端到端客户视图:获取客户的方式、客户所购买的内容,以及自客户第一次交易以来发生的所有事情。从客户对产品或服务的初始兴趣一直到购买及更多操作的整个过程,客户旅程中的每一步都是可访问的,并且有助于将来与该客户交互。除了提供更佳的客户服务体验外,统一的 CRM 平台还可确保客户数据可访问并且有助于支持将来的销售或服务请求。

基本 CRM 工具功能


高级 CRM 工具功能

Provide AI-powered and ML-driven insights to enrich customer experiences, improve call center KPIs, and create operational efficiencies.

Benefits: Better customer service experiences, higher productivity, and more efficient, well-informed customer service teams.

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CRM 现场服务工具

CRM tools for field service create work orders for service calls and help technicians access customer records when they’re out in the field. These CRM tools often streamline inventory management and enable technicians to add notes from service calls to the customer database. New innovations in Internet of Things (IoT) technology make it possible for companies to monitor their products in the field and flag potential issues or maintenance recommendations before customers are even affected.

当与统一 CRM 平台结合使用时,用于现场服务的 CRM 工具可为客户服务代表提供必要的详细信息,用于安排经过正确培训的技术人员和相应设备,以便在第一时间解决问题。组织中更新的维修和建议信息将添加到客户记录中,并可供每个部门的人员访问。这意味着接下来无论客户向谁报告,此人都将能获得提供典型服务所需的信息。

基本 CRM 工具功能


高级 CRM 工具功能

Optimized service calls so the right technicians with the right parts are scheduled at the right time, IoT capabilities that flag potential issues before affecting the customer and recommending predictive maintenance, and mixed reality capabilities that connect on-site technicians with remote experts for complicated troubleshooting.


对 CRM 解决方案的期待

Knowing the needs of your company can help you determine the 最佳 CRM 工具. As you begin to define your CRM strategy, here are some key features to consider:

  • 多渠道功能。随着技术的发展,您希望 CRM 解决方案能够与时俱进。不妨关注一下具有 AI、混合现实、社交和移动功能的 CRM 系统
  • 商业智能。通过内置了领先的分析和商业智能的 CRM 解决方案,获得可行的见解,以使 CRM 系统超越基本的跟踪系统范畴。
  • 灵活的解决方案。您的业务需求可能会随着业务发展而变化,而在安全平台上构建的可扩展、集成式解决方案能够灵活满足您的需求,无论您的业务规模如何。
  • AI-powered and data-driven insights. CRM solutions today provide far more than CRM solutions of the past. As the CRM tool gathers data, systems that feature AI can offer predictive insight, helping you make smarter decisions backed by buyer behavior.

开始使用统一 CRM 平台上的 CRM 工具

利用可在统一平台中无缝协作的 CRM 工具,节省时间和资金。了解一系列全面的 CRM 工具,这些工具旨在帮助您与客户建立可获利的长期关系。