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Dynamics 365 Guides

On-the-job guidance

Create step-by-step holographic instructions to use where the work happens.

Adapt at the speed of change

Enhance learning and standardise processes with step-by-step instructions that show employees how to use tools and parts in real work situations.

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Reduce errors and help increase safety

Guide employees through procedures, whether it’s their first time or a recurring task, by using holographic step-by-step instructions where the work is done.

Image of Reduce errors and help increase safety

Accelerate time to value

Create step-by-step directions for training or day-to-day processes easily, with no programming or 3D skills necessary.

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Transform existing processes

Incorporate Guides with existing workflows to view and save data using powerful services like Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate.

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Maximise operational effectiveness

Use data and process insights from Guides to maximise operational effectiveness across your organisation.

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Customers using Dynamics 365 Guides

Sheba meets urgent staffing needs

Learn how Israel’s largest hospital used Guides to quickly address staffing needs due to COVID-19.

Maintaining quality and meeting demand

Suntory Whiskey uses Dynamics 365 Guides to meet increasing product demand, train new employees, and achieve accuracy on complex procedures.

Capturing expertise to transform operations

Kruger Inc harnesses the expertise of their workforce using Dynamics 365 Guides to train new employees and maintain complex equipment.

Simplify repairs and accelerate training

Toyota Motor Corporation uses mixed reality on Microsoft HoloLens 2 to drive change and provide better customer service.

Standardise skills and improve efficiency

Musashi improves efficiency across equipment inspection, documentation, operational standards, and education materials with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

Create immersive mixed reality learning experiences

Out-of-the-box authoring

Easily create content with ready-to-use holograms from the 3D toolkit to demonstrate task steps in the physical space.

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Powerful and adaptive workflows

With spatial triggers and voice commands, operators can navigate to different steps across process flows, depending on their real-world actions.

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Democratize data across your operations

Works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management or Dynamics 365 Field Service for an enterprise-grade Guides experience.

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