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CRM field service tools

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

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Solve problems in real time

Share your real-time view with experts remotely to get the help you need, and stay hands-free on HoloLens or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile.

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Bring critical information into view

Take advantage of information from Dynamics 365 Field Service or capture asset information and integrate it with Microsoft Power Platform or other enterprise applications.

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Walk the site without being on location

Avoid unnecessary travel and reduce costs and delays with remote inspections combining video, screenshots, and annotations on your devices.

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Customers are accelerating growth with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

National Health Service

Klanten helpen de strijd tegen COVID-19 aan te gaan

Imperial College Healthcare NHS doctors wearing HoloLens are holding hands-free Microsoft Teams video calls with colleagues and experts around the world.

Mercedes Benz

Transforming technician support

Mercedes-Benz is improving service technician efficiency, reducing problem resolution times, and lowering the cost and environmental impact of travel.


Klanten helpen de voedselveiligheid te garanderen

Ecolab is transforming business processes to better serve its customers and employees in the face of emerging challenges.


Klanten helpen de prestaties te verbeteren

Chevron is revolutionizing the first-line worker experience, improving performance, global collaboration speed, and the company’s bottom line.

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Calls dashboard

Manage work orders and more

Launch Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile directly from a Field Service mobile booking and post call info to the associated work order's timeline.

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Visualize asset information

Capture photos and videos of assets to track their condition over time and view asset data from Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for validation.

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Gain visibility with call analytics

View your organization’s operational dashboard in Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on desktop or mobile devices.

The Total Economic ImpactTM of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Read this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft to learn how organizations can realize a substantial ROI by deploying Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

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