C R M 工具簡介

CRM 工具簡介

Keep track of connections with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, gathering data to help you deliver personalized experiences, communicate with clients, and streamline sales.


CRM tools support marketing, sales, and customer service functions and processes for your business. The purpose of your CRM tool is to organize, record, and enable action with customer data and help track and advance customers along every stage of the buying journey. Although they can operate as modular applications, they work best when they’re unified on a single CRM platform.

在此 CRM 工具清單中,您將了解 CRM 工具獨立運作的功能、在共用平台上一起使用時實現的功能,以及每個工具的基本和進階功能摘要。

CRM 行銷工具

CRM tools for marketing are designed to help you find and nurture higher-quality leads. These CRM tools can automate time-consuming marketing processes—such as events, email nurture campaigns, and paid media advertisements—and provide greater visibility into the customer’s journey from prospect to lead.

CRM marketing tools work best in tandem with CRM sales tools on a unified CRM platform, which enables the tools to share common data that updates automatically. This keeps everyone in the organization on the same page and makes sure each member of the sales and marketing team is operating with accurate data. The result is better collaboration, higher lead conversion rates, and more effective customer engagement.

基本 CRM 工具功能


進階 CRM 工具功能

Multi-channel campaigns, social insights, and personalized campaigns tailored to the interests and history of each customer, insights into campaign performance, and event planning.

Benefits: Targeted marketing campaigns with a tailored approach, improved marketing ROI, and increased engagement from customers.

CRM 銷售工具

銷售團隊、現場銷售人員、內部銷售人員和銷售經理使用 CRM 銷售工具來支援銷售週期。這類工具可以編譯報告和分析,讓您根據人口統計、參與度和購買記錄等客戶資料來採取行動。先進的 CRM 銷售工具還提供建議的動作和見解,以協助您找到合適的客戶、接洽客戶,並建立客戶關係。

Sales and marketing teams with CRM tools on a unified platform can adjust customer outreach strategies in real time based on accurate data that shows what is driving sales. Visibility into the customer journey from start to finish also makes big-picture strategizing easier and more effective with key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the same data.

基本 CRM 工具功能


進階 CRM 工具功能

即時洞察力、人工智慧 (AI) 和機器學習 (ML) 功能可追蹤趨勢、引導銷售人員,並賦予銷售經理績效見解。


CRM 客戶服務工具

CRM customer service tools help you interact with customers across multiple channels. In addition to facilitating these interactions, these CRM tools record and add them to the customer’s history to create a comprehensive view of the customer. This makes it possible to ensure a high-quality customer service experience while guiding customers to a resolution more quickly.

與銷售和行銷 CRM 工具結合後,CRM 客戶服務工具可提供真正的端對端客戶檢視:如何獲取客戶、客戶購買的產品,以及自首次交易以來發生的一切。從客戶對產品或服務的最初興趣,一直到購買及以後的期間,客戶旅程中每個步驟都是可存取且可用於未來的客戶互動。除了提供更好的客戶服務體驗外,統一的 CRM 平台還可以確保客戶資料可存取,並有助於支援未來的銷售或服務要求。

基本 CRM 工具功能


進階 CRM 工具功能

Provide AI-powered and ML-driven insights to enrich customer experiences, improve call center KPIs, and create operational efficiencies.

Benefits: Better customer service experiences, higher productivity, and more efficient, well-informed customer service teams.

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Today’s Business 電子書中,深入了解如何為組織選擇合適的 CRM。

CRM 現場服務工具

CRM tools for field service create work orders for service calls and help technicians access customer records when they’re out in the field. These CRM tools often streamline inventory management and enable technicians to add notes from service calls to the customer database. New innovations in Internet of Things (IoT) technology make it possible for companies to monitor their products in the field and flag potential issues or maintenance recommendations before customers are even affected.

在統一的 CRM 平台上使用時,CRM 現場服務工具可以為客戶服務代表提供所需的詳細資訊,以便他們安排具有正確訓練和設備的技術人員,提高首次問題解決率。維修和建議將新增到客戶記錄中,在整個組織中進行更新,並且每個部門的人員都可以存取。這意味著無論該客戶接下來與誰交談,後者都有所需資訊來提供模範服務。

基本 CRM 工具功能


進階 CRM 工具功能

Optimized service calls so the right technicians with the right parts are scheduled at the right time, IoT capabilities that flag potential issues before affecting the customer and recommending predictive maintenance, and mixed reality capabilities that connect on-site technicians with remote experts for complicated troubleshooting.


在 CRM 解決方案中要尋找什麼功能

Knowing the needs of your company can help you determine the 最佳 CRM 工具. As you begin to define your CRM strategy, here are some key features to consider:

  • 多管道功能。隨著技術的發展,您需要可以跟上的 CRM 解決方案。尋找具有 AI、混合實境、社交和行動功能的 CRM 系統
  • 商業智慧。透過結合領先的分析和商業智慧的 CRM 解決方案,獲得可行的見解,可幫助您的 CRM 系統超越基本的追蹤系統。
  • 靈活的解決方案。您的業務需求可能隨著您的發展而變化,而基於安全平台建置的可調整、整合式解決方案,無論公司規模大小,都可提供滿足業務需求的彈性。
  • AI-powered and data-driven insights. CRM solutions today provide far more than CRM solutions of the past. As the CRM tool gathers data, systems that feature AI can offer predictive insight, helping you make smarter decisions backed by buyer behavior.

在統一的 CRM 平台上開始使用 CRM 工具

透過可在統一平台上無縫協作的 CRM 工具,節省時間和金錢。探索全面的 CRM 工具集合,旨在協助您建立有利可圖的長期客戶關係。