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Dynamics 365 Product InsightsPreview

Transform the way you develop, sell, and support your products and services with real-time insights that help you better understand your customers’ needs.

Understand how customers use your product in real time

Deliver great customer experiences by doing everything from offering proactive customer service to upgrading features and rolling out software fixes. Anticipate any potential frustrating experiences and discover opportunities to improve with a real-time view into how your customers use your product—utilizing AI to combine unstructured Internet of Things (IoT) telemetry data and structured business data.

Discover opportunities to maximize your customer lifetime value

Accelerate time to value by better understanding your customers’ needs. Replace speculation and self-reporting with in-the-moment observation of your customers' experience. Use connected data to predict the customer’s lifetime value while identifying up-sell and subscription opportunities that drive new revenue streams.

Help everyone across the business take data-driven action

From product managers to customer service, anyone in your organization will be able to understand usage, performance, and health insights from product data using an AI-driven smart advisor—regardless of their coding or data science skills.

Use a trusted and connected ecosystem

Apply your product insights throughout your marketing, sales, and customer service applications in Dynamics 365. Embed them into custom applications built on Power Apps. Stream your product signals into Azure to drive custom services and AI models and perform advanced analytics.

Grow confidently with proven scalability

Microsoft uses the highly scalable Dynamics 365 Product Insights across its consumer and commercial services, including Office 365, Bing, Xbox, and Skype.

40+ petabytes

Per month


Peak events per second


Telemetry clients

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