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Predictable and continuous updates

Dynamics 365 (online) delivers new capabilities and functionalities through two major updates a year in April and October. In addition, Dynamics 365 continuous updates are delivered throughout the year providing security, reliability, and performance improvements.

Early visibility and access

Release notes will be published months prior to each major release update to help our customers and partners plan for the new capabilities. Starting with the April 2019 update, customers and partners can validate major updates in a sandbox environment in advance of the update release.


All customers on the latest available version of the product

Companies no longer need to go through long and involved upgrade projects. Our continuous update approach ensures that they are always on the latest version of the product, just like any other modern SaaS. Our customers will be able to opt-in to new features early as well as experience better performance, reliability, and supportability, as we continually make these improvements to the product. Every customer is always current in this model.

To find out about our customer support policy changes, please visit:

Key dates for the Dynamics 365 April '19 release

Activity Date
Release notes available Jan 21, 2019
Preview available Feb 1, 2019
Release notes updates Feb 21, 2019
Virtual launch event April 2, 2019
General availability Apr 5, 2019

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